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After 23 years at USEPA and 3 years at Apple in the domestic, global environmental and sustainability field, I founded Anew Global Consulting to provide supply chain sustainability consulting services to the businesses that are leading and expanding this shift.

Our core sustainability business includes supply chain energy efficiency assessments, water conservation, waste minimization, and green and safer chemistry. Anew Global Consulting energy consultants support our client’s carbon reduction goal by conducting onsite energy audits, designing individual facility energy conservation plans, providing technical support during project implementation, energy efficiency training program, and Measurement and Verification (M&V) services.

Cindy Lin

To me, SCCAEPA is like a family. I have fond memories about many events I participated in or organized and people I made friends with. Many of them are still my special friends to this day.

SCCAEPA was a springboard for my professional career. My promotion in 2014 to the most challenging supervisory position in my organization benefited from my broadened perspectives in surface water management. My involvement with the influential California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) came from my collaboration with SCCAEPA.

Jian Peng

The year I started to work for the SMBRC, called Santa Monica Bay Restoration Project at that time, was 1991, the same year the SCCAEPA was established. It has been an amazing and rewarding journey for both the SMBRC and SCCAEPA. The two organizations supported each other along the way, and I’m proud of my role in facilitating these collaborative efforts. Among many ventures we established and worked together, the best example is the collaboration in community outreach to the underserved Chinese ethic community.

SCCAEPA also facilitated international contact and exchange of knowledge, expertise, and lessons learned with our counterparts, especially with the broader global Chinese community through forums, field trips, attendance and presentations at conferences abroad etc.

Guangyu Wang